Content Strategy & Copywriting Services


Create clear, compelling content that attracts customers and supports your success.


Let’s Work Together To…

  • Connect with new customers to grow your business

  • Improve the experience for existing customers to increase retention and cross-selling

  • Differentiate your business in a crowded market and position it as the best choice

  • Help people understand a complex product or service

  • Improve brand awareness and perception

  • Add more consistency to your marketing and content

  • Solve your unique challenge



Brand Messaging


About this service:

Creating a memorable, effective brand starts with solidifying who you are, who you serve, what problems you help solve, and what makes you unique. These may seem like simple concepts, but they can be tough to articulate when you spend so much time inside your business. Together, we’ll define the foundations of your brand and craft meaningful messaging for your website, marketing, and beyond. 

Expertise in:

  • Brand strategy

  • Market positioning

  • Messaging creation

  • Voice and tone development

  • Style guides

  • Customer experience design



Content Strategy


About this service:

When you’re building a website or launching a marketing campaign, it's tempting to just dive in and start creating content. However, doing so without considering your strategy is like starting a road trip without a map. With my help, we'll outline your company's and customers' objectives, create useful and usable content that will reach those goals, and build a plan for keeping that content fresh over time.

Expertise in:

  • Brand strategy

  • Content audits and recommendations

  • Sitemapping

  • Information architecture

  • Content creation and management



Copywriting & Editing


About this service:

You have a fascinating story, as well as valuable products and services. But is your content doing them justice? Let’s team up to convey the value your brand provides in a clear, engaging way. As your resident wordsmith, I'll help you determine what to say and how to say it on your website, sales materials, presentations, email campaigns, and more.

Expertise in:

  • Websites and apps

  • Marketing collateral

  • Sales presentations

  • Whitepapers and articles

  • Case studies



Workshop Facilitation


About this service:

You and your team have probably done a lot of thinking about your brand and content. Sometimes, it helps to have an outside expert who can provide a new perspective, discuss complex questions, and uncover a path forward. With my support in planning and facilitating an interactive workshop or meeting, we can get all the key stakeholders involved in the conversation and create something better together than we each could on our own.

Workshop topics:

  • Brand strategy and messaging

  • Voice and tone development

  • Content analysis

  • Empathy mapping

  • Customer journey mapping

  • Project planning



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Kind Comments From Clients


“Shaina took the time to walk us through an amazing process that helped you really understand our brand, our culture, and our business. It’s clear she was passionate about telling the world who we really are. The result is exactly what we were seeking to achieve, and truly embodies our core values, our unique business, and the message we want others to see.”

– Jack Martin, 52Ten